Summer League 2017

SUMMER LEAGUE           Grand Finale Report,  9th September 2017

1st Place Winner of the Summer League 2017 is Chrissie Hammond

2nd Place Runner Up on, count back, is Graham Ibbotson

3rd Place is Dave Norris

Every one else, well done.

Our end of Summer 2017 celebrations included an excellent meal from Tony and Fran Yiasoumi with basically a Sunday lunch on Saturday, music from Paul Harder and Maddison had them doing three songs each, turn about, and the Karaoke from the brave souls that stood up, and a special mention for Jim Burke even with a sore throat and Dave Norris who did not have a bad throat but probably had after his hilarious rendition of” I chust called to shay I rove you”, and Jayne Boote got up and gave us all a Fever, what a lovely voice, Tony and Fran also did their bit and 50 plus, normally fairly conservative members all raised their arms swinging to Tony’s Sweet Caroline, a joy to be there.

As usual Vicky and Sharon lead by Judd in the bar were magnificent.

I could go on and on about how wonderful it all was but that would be blowing on our collective trumpet and so suffice to say to anyone not there, it was a Henry V moment.

Till next year.

Cheers from Blue, Graham and Moray


Tony and Fran run the Underground Bar/Restaurant in Ambrosios, and we know the Sunday Lunch is good!

Paul Harder plays (for free) at the Magic Tea Pot in Ayios Georgious on Friday’s, Open Mike nights

Maddison does regular appearances at Chasers Bar with Karaoke each week







Summer Leage Photo 2016-09-03
Summer Leage Photo 2016-09-03