Summer League 2017

June 22, 2017

For our first Summer League of the 2017 season (summer has arrived although it is raining in Lania as I type!) we will be snacking on George Feltham’s wonderful pork pies together with salad, bread, and anything else you may care to bring along and share this Sunday the 25th of June,  it will be served after our 12 holes of golf about 1230 hrs ish, and as usual it is included in the entry fee of €2.5

So turn up between 0800 and 0830 to put your name in the completely random draw, for a shotgun start at 0900. For the late comers my Mobile is 99672584, this will get you in the draw but you must still be here and be ready to walk out at 0845 hrs.

We now know the twelve holes we will be playing, holes 1  to 7 and 14 to 18, more of that on the day.

Please pass on this info to as many people as you can as I am struggling to find time to update my mailing list, I just got back from UK last night.

Hope to see you at the club on Sunday morning the 25th June, when I expect to entertain/confuse depending on your point of view.

Again, I would make the point for those who go walkabout in the summer months, this year only 7 results from 12 will count making it easier to qualify even if you miss a month or so.

Cheers, Moray

Summer Leage Photo 2016-09-03