Summer League Update week 12

By Moray Campbell | 10 September, 2018


JSGC Episkopi, Summer League Week 12 Final Report, 8th September 2018


22 Players turned up for the final games in the 2018 SL series and so one 2 ball and five 4 balls were drawn, everyone was keen to start and we T’d off at 0900 for our last matches of 2018, we did have a slight problem getting our guests through the gate, however, after a number of phone calls in the middle of our game (Jim Burke nearly died when my phone went off mid-swing and his ball disappeared into the bushes) however a list was produced and when we finally arrived back at the clubhouse we could smell the curry cooking and Paul Harder was tuning up  his guitar, things looked promising, Graham gathered the cards and checked the scores, retiring  to the office we eventually came up with the results and decided to publish these without delay, this was followed by lunch, many thanks to Tony and Fran for a great meal, choice of two curries but most had both (me too) then cake and custard and we relaxed, listening to the music, thank you Paul great job, Ed Findlay sang a couple of songs for us (and one bit just for Lily), well done Ed. 1600 hrs arrived all too soon and we cleared away and returned the patio to something resembling it’s normal state!

Congratulations to Graham Ibbotson on winning the 2018 Summer League

And to Geoff Steen as runner up

And to Judd Larsen for coming third



Cheers, Moray